Dead Space Writer Teases "Big" Game Reveal at PS5 Event

Dead Space writer Antony Johnston has essentially confirmed his next game will be revealed at the [...]

Dead Space writer Antony Johnston has essentially confirmed his next game will be revealed at the PS5 event, which is currently scheduled to go down this week. Taking to Twitter, the accomplished writer confirmed that he's been working on a "big" game for almost two years. Following this up, he tells everyone that they should watch the PS5 event later this week, again, essentially confirming the project will be there.

Unfortunately, the writer doesn't divulge any further details. However, the tease is enough to have PlayStation fans going wild with speculation. Of course, many are wondering if the mystery game is a new, next-gen Dead Space, but this is unlikely for several reasons.

For one, EA shuttered the studio that made the Dead Space series. Two, EA has shown nearly zero interest in reviving the series. Three, there's been no reports or rumors suggesting that Dead Space is back. If a new Dead Space game has been in development for two years, there would be at least one rumor, report, or leak about it. Lastly, Johnston's connection to the series is too obvious, and thus he probably wouldn't issue a teaser regarding it.

While Johnston doesn't divulge any further salient details, he does tease it stars a character having a really bad time. Again, Dead Space fits this bill, but it's almost certainly not Dead Space.

Beyond Dead Space, Johnston is also known for his involvement in Binary Domain, which he wrote the English script for. He also penned a graphic novel dubbed The Coldest City, which was later adapted into a movie named Atomic Blonde.

Unfortunately, for now, all we can do is speculate, but thankfully we won't have to speculate for much longer. The PS5 games event is set to go down this Thursday, and in addition to finding out what Johnston is working on, we will be hearing about a variety of PS5 games, both rumored and not.