Death Stranding 2 Fans Think New Reveal Is Coming Soon Following Kojima Tease

Could Death Stranding 2 make an appearance at Gamescom?

Numerous fans of Kojima Productions believe that a new reveal tied to Death Stranding 2 may be coming this week following a tease from creator Hideo Kojima. At the end of 2022, Kojima Productions formally announced that a sequel to Death Stranding was in the works and would be coming to PlayStation 5. Since that announcement, no further details or footage on the game have come about, which has left fans with many questions. If a new post from Kojima himself is any indication, though, it seems possible that a new reveal of some sort could happen this week at Gamescom. 

Over the course of the past day, Kojima shared a handful of pictures on his personal Instagram account that showed him aboard an airplane. Typically, images like this wouldn't mean a whole lot, but as many fans were quick to point out, Kojima's apparent travel lines up with Gamescom 2023, which kicks off this week. With this in mind, it seems feasible Kojima could be in transit to Germany (the home of Gamescom) to share new information about Death Stranding 2

One reason why this appearance from Kojima and Death Stranding 2 at Gamescom could make sense is because the creator's longtime friend and collaborator, Geoff Keighley, happens to be holding a new live show within the coming day. Keighley's "Gamescome Opening Night Live" presentation will stream on Tuesday, August 22, and will contain new looks at a variety of upcoming titles. Given that Kojima has often chosen to showcase his own projects at Keighley's various events (Death Stranding 2 was revealed at The Game Awards, for instance), there's a good chance that something tied to DS2 could drop up this week. 

Currently, Death Stranding 2 doesn't have a launch window of any sort and is only announced to be in development exclusively for PS5. The highly-anticipated sequel will see the return of cast members Norman Reedus, Troy Baker, and Lea Seydoux alongside new additions such as Elle Fanning and Shiolii Kutsuna. If more info on DS2 does come about soon, we'll be sure to keep you updated here on

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