'Death Stranding' Star Norman Reedus Says the Game Is All About "Bringing Everyone Together"

Despite not knowing much about Hideo Kojima’s upcoming mysterious title Death Stranding, gamers [...]

Despite not knowing much about Hideo Kojima's upcoming mysterious title Death Stranding, gamers are excited and eager to learn more. That said, star Norman Reedus has discussed the game, mentioning that it's all about "bringing everyone together."

During an interview with GameCentral, The Walking Dead actor talked about the upcoming game and praised Kojima, calling him a genius. "I'm like, 'Oh so they'll be playing me,'" Reedus said. "And he's like, 'No they are you. We will make them cry as you.' I'm like, 'What are you talking about? It's a video game.'"

It would seem that Reedus himself is still blown away by the idea of Death Stranding, even if he is the star of the game. "The concept is so far out into the future," Reedus continued. "Instead of eliminating everyone around you, it's bringing everyone together. It's a very positive video game, but scary and depressing at the same time."

He goes on to say how Kojima is constantly telling him that fans will essentially go through the trailers with a magnifying glass on the hunt for any clues pertaining to the story featured in Death Stranding. "The trailers show you an aspect of it, but not a whole picture of what the game will be," he said. "That's like a whole other thing. It's complicated, it's a crazy complicated game. I've been learning a lot about video games doing it."

In addition to this, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who is directing the upcoming Metal Gear Solid film, recently got to sit down with Kojima and play a bit of Death Stranding. After getting his hands on the game, he ensured fans that they are not ready for what's to come.

Death Stranding is still without a release date, but Kojima himself has stated that launching it will take a while. It is currently in development exclusively for PlayStation 4.

What do you think about Reedus saying Death Stranding is about "bringing everyone together?" Do you have any theories on what the game has in store for players? Sound off in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @anarkE7!