'Death Stranding' Release Date Teased by Actor Troy Baker

Though many were hoping for a release date of Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding at last year's final [...]

Though many were hoping for a release date of Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding at last year's final event with The Game Awards, the game's creator did tease that "big" news was coming early 2019. Though it's been pretty mum since that teaser back in December, it looks like actor Troy Baker - who is cast as a leading role in the upcoming game - may have just confirmed that at least we're getting it this year.

Vague, yes but it also backs up what Hideo Kojima himself said during a New Year's interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu. Kojima-san, in true form, kept his vague, but worded in a way that seems to hint at a 2019 release date for Death Stranding. With more and more people coming forward saying that they've gotten their hands on the "mind-blowing" title, a release date announcement being imminent isn't the most absurd thing.

As far as what Hideo Kojima actually said, his new year's message read "Is 2019 the year of the Whale? Please look forward to Death Stranding!" At this point, we'll take anything we can get!

But it's not just a wild connecting of the dots. Whale imagery has been commonly related to the mysterious title since it was first revealed. When the very first teaser trailer dropped back in 2016, a scene showed off a ton of beached whales on the horizon - is Kojima-san teasing what we think he's teasing or does he just have us totally wrapped his finger and loves playing with our emotions? Well ...

It's hard not to respect Kojima-san's progress and we can't wait to see even more of his incredible first title for his new studio. We know we're not the only ones excited either because both industry professionals and gamers alike can't stop raving about ever snippet we've seen so far.

In other hype news, even the Metal Gear Solid film Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts couldn't help but to chime in his praises for the mysterious title. Roberts and Kojima both met when the director approached him for direction on the upcoming Metal Gear movie. Though Kojima-san is no longer attached to the franchise, the pair still kept in touch because ... let's be honest, it's Kojima. When discussing what he himself has seen so far about the upcoming title shrouded in mystery, he stated, "Today I watched Kojima-San direct a cutscene. I've watched hours of his cinematics and witnessing one in real life was beyond special. Death Stranding is unlike anything you've seen. Get excited."

We still don't have a release date yet for Death Stranding, but you can catch up on what we do know with our Game Hub here.

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