Destiny 2 Player Count Drops to Lowest Point Ever on Steam

Bungie's rough stretch with Destiny 2 continues.

Bungie has recently seen its player count for Destiny 2 sink to its lowest point in history on PC platform Steam. Generally speaking, the past month has been a rough one for those at Bungie and those in the Destiny 2 community. Not only did Bungie itself suffer extensive layoffs across a variety of avenues at the company, but Destiny 2's upcoming expansion The Final Shape is reported to have been internally delayed from its February 2024 launch date. In the midst of all of these struggles, Bungie now sees interest in Destiny 2 waning which could prove to be troublesome in the future. 

Based on data from website Steam Charts, Destiny 2 is currently in the midst of its worst stretch in history in terms of player count. Over the past 30 days, D2 has only averaged a little more than 34,000 concurrent players with the first-person shooter peaking at 59,076 players at a single time. These numbers are both the lowest that have ever been seen for Destiny 2 on Steam. Obviously, it's worth noting it's not known if these same statistics are mirrored on PlayStation and Xbox, but more often than not, trends that are found on Steam are typically reflected across other platforms.  

Although it might be easy to write this off as a typical lull for Destiny 2, this situation might be a bit more dire for those at Bungie than normal. As mentioned, The Final Shape is supposedly going to be delayed by roughly four months and isn't planned to arrive until June 2024. If true, this means that general interest in Destiny 2 might continue to wane in the months ahead without the release of this new expansion. Then again, Season 23 of Destiny 2, titled Season of the Wish, is set to kick off next week on November 28 and could bring back a number of players. 

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