Diablo Immortal Launches Earlier Than Expected

Diablo fans who were eagerly (or cautiously) waiting on the new Diablo Immortal game from Blizzard and NetEase Games were treated to a surprise this week when the new mobile game launched ahead of schedule. Originally supposed to be released on June 2nd in most regions, the early rollout of the game saw it pop up in mobile markets earlier than expected. For those in North America as well as select other regions, it now looks as though you're able to start your Diablo Immortal journey.

The game is currently live and playable for us in the App Store with reports online suggesting the same is true for the Google Play Store in North America. After signing in and getting your Blizzard account properly linked up, you'll have the option to choose your class like normal before heading into Diablo Immortal's world.

If you don't yet see Diablo Immortal available in your area, it may not be a problem that only you are having. Over on the official Twitter account for Diablo Immortal, Blizzard shared an infographic showing when on June 2nd and June 3rd the game would be made available, but that chart was somewhat invalidated itself by Blizzard's comments saying that players "may see it populate on servers even sooner."

So, if you're in a region where Diablo Immortal is now available, consider yourself lucky since you've gotten your hands on it early. For those who haven't yet gotten the game, it'll launch according to the chart above by June 2nd, so it'll be available in just a matter of hours.

The new Diablo game that marks the first time the series has gone mobile was revealed in 2018 during BlizzCon to a less than receptive crowd which was expecting something about the next mainline Diablo game, not a mobile one. That reveal of Diablo 4 happened a year later which was plenty of time for people to blast Blizzard's new mobile initiative.


But when the game's release date was announced, it was revealed that Blizzard was also releasing it on PC, a decision which would perhaps serve as a welcome compromise for Diablo's PC players. Even if you do play it on mobile, our experience doing so was almost wholly positive with more of those impressions on Diablo Immortal seen here in our review.