Disc Jam Flinging Its Way To Nintendo Switch Next Month

For those of you seeking a unique kind of experience for the Nintendo Switch – and Rocket League [...]

For those of you seeking a unique kind of experience for the Nintendo Switch – and Rocket League isn't getting the job done by itself – then High Horse Entertainment might just have the game for you. The developer has announced that it will release its competitive Frisbee tournament game Disc Jam to Nintendo's system starting on November 8th. And it'll have a number of features that will have you flinging well into the next morning.

The game will feature cross-platform play with the PC version of Disc Jam – not the PlayStation 4 version, sorry – and will also have local wireless support with three other systems, in case your buddies decide to pick the game up as well.

High Horse has provided more information on what will be included with the Switch version below, along with what will be updated with previously released versions of the game:

"Debuting alongside the Nintendo Switch console launch on all platforms, the game is also getting a massive title update, bringing a whole host of community-requested features to the arena. Joining the game's roster of characters, South American volleyball player Lannie is set to make her mark on the arena as a perfect balance between power and agility.

"The update will also unleash two brand new modes, providing even more ways for competitive and solo players to jam. On the competitive side of things, say hello to Ranked Leagues and Seasons. Do you have what it takes to rise through the ranks of the Universal Federation of Disc and join the Elite? Soon enough, you'll have your chance to prove it. Then, for players who prefer to fly solo, get ready to experience all the heated action of ranked leagues without the pressures of online play in a gauntlet that will test even the most seasoned Disc Jam veterans. More details on all the goodies coming in February's update will be landing in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

"If this is your first time hearing about Disc Jam, here's the gist. Players pick from a growing roster of colourful characters, each sporting their own style and abilities, as they compete in a fast-paced action sport that's like air hockey and tennis combined. Throw, catch and lob the glowing disc at your opponents, defend your end zone, and unleash devastating abilities to gain the upper hand – all in search of multiplayer dominance."

You can check out a trailer for Disc Jam above. It looks like a fun time, especially if you get other players on board!