Disney Dreamlight Valley Early Access Release Date Revealed

Disney Dreamlight Valley, the new life-sim game from Gameloft, now has an early access release date. It'll be available in its early access form starting on September 6th and will be available on both consoles and the PC platform at that time. Its full release date has not yet been announced with Gameloft last saying that it was targeting a 2023 release for the game following its time in early access.

The early access release date for the new Disney game was announced during a Nintendo Direct event which took place this week. While the announcement naturally only mentioned the Switch during that event given that it was a Switch-focused presentation, Gameloft confirmed in its own announcements on socials and on the updated site for the game that Disney Dreamlight Valley will indeed be out in early access on consoles and PCs on September 6th.

"Live magically alongside your Disney and Pixar friends in this life-simulation game!" Nintendo's announcement about the early access release date said. "Dreamlight Valley was once an idyllic land, where Disney and Pixar characters lived in harmony until The Forgetting turned this dream into a nightmare. Now, it's up to you to bring the magic back to Dreamlight Valley. Explore this land's diverse realms and forge lasting friendships with heroes and villains alike in a world where you are free to customize your avatar to be whoever you dream yourself to be."

Disney Dreamlight Valley was first announced back in April and will be a free-to-play game when it releases next year, but if you want in on the early access experience, you'll have to pay for a Founder's Pack. Pricing for the base Founder's Pack or any other options has not yet been announced, but now that the game's got an early access release date, it shouldn't be much longer now until prices are revealed.

While people will look at Disney Dreamlight Valley and think of the life-sim genre first and, perhaps more specifically, Animal Crossing, there's an adventure element at play in the game, too. Players can interact with all manner of Disney characters spanning different franchises to complete quests and further expand and craft their own version of Dreamlight Valley. Our preview of the game from earlier in the year, while hands-off, showed a game with promise that honestly seems like an overdue release at this point given how attractive the idea of a shared Disney life-sim universe sounds.