Get The Complete Marvel And Star Wars Disney Infinity Games For Cheap On PC Right Now

A while back, Disney made the drastic decision to discontinue its Disney Infinity toys-to-life [...]


A while back, Disney made the drastic decision to discontinue its Disney Infinity toys-to-life franchise – just when the Star Wars edition, 3.0, was making the rounds at retail. And while it's unfortunate that the series had to die such a horrible death, there is one interesting tidbit that came out of it.

While some people aren't fans of collecting all the toys available in the game, Disney did make Gold Editions of the game for PC. That means, for a price, users could buy a "complete edition" with unlocked playsets and figures already in the package, without the need to buy any add-ons.

In case you missed out on them, though, not to worry, as Fanatical currently has two of the better Disney Infinity games available for dirt cheap.

Both Disney Infinity 2.0, which revolves around the Marvel universe, and Disney Infinity 3.0, focusing on Star Wars, can be bought for $7.49 apiece through the popular PC gaming site. What's more, you can use the code "BLACKFRIDAY10" to score an additional ten percent off those prices, getting them for even cheaper.

Both games include a variety of playsets from both games. For instance, 3.0 has Twilight of the Republic, Rise Against the Empire and The Force Awakens among others, while 2.0 possesses Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man and Avengers. All the sets include all the figures from each set as well, along with the 1.0 figures, which can be used in the separate Toy Box mode, included with each game.

While the titles aren't officially supported anymore, there's still a wealth of gameplay to be discovered in each game, and a plethora of characters to be played with. Plus, the games look better than ever on PC, and being able to pick and choose figures without having to mess around with physical toys could be just the ticket for parents that want to give their kids something cool for the holiday season.

The sale will only last a few more days, so head over to this link for Disney Infinity 2.0, and this link for Disney Infinity 3.0.