Disney Mirrorverse Figures From McFarlane Toys Are On Sale Now

McFarlane Toys has opened up pre-orders for a wave of action figures based on the Disney [...]


McFarlane Toys has opened up pre-orders for a wave of action figures based on the Disney Mirrorverse mobile RPG. As the name suggests, the game allows fans to battle as alternate universe Disney and Pixar characters. The lineup includes Buzz Lightyear and Jack Sparrow in 7-inch scale along with Mickey Mouse, Belle, Sulley, and Goofy in 5-inch scale (pictured below).

The character redesigns are a major draw here, and they make for some spectacular figures. Jack Sparrow wielding magic with a skeleton arm? Sulley in power armor? You bet. All of the figures include accessories, an art card, and 10 to 22 points of articulation depending on the scale. Pre-orders are live here at Entertainment Earth now for $12.99 to $19.99 each. Collectors can also get the entire 7-inch and 5-inch waves in case sets. The figures are slated for release in September. If you are unfamiliar with the Disney Mirrorverse mobile game, the official description reads:


"Long ago, two stars collided to create an altered universe full of light and dark forces. In the Mirrorverse, Stellar Magic has evolved familiar worlds, now threatened by hordes of unrelenting Fractured enemies. Players unite teams of powerful Guardians to battle together through an ever-evolving narrative of epic quests to defeat the Fractured forces seeking to shatter the Mirrorverse. Choose from the vengeful draconic mage Maleficient, an armored-up Sulley, the ultimate personal-battle companion Baymax, and many more Mirrorverse Guardians. Each Guardian possesses powerful, special attacks that are unique and authentic to existing Disney and Pixar characters. They are designed to complement each other through different team roles to maximize battle potential and chemistry, enabling players to advance through multiple levels and progress to the highest rank."

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