Developer Makes Doom Playable on Notepad

Developers love making the original Doom playable on new devices. At this point, it's hard to believe there are any devices left that Doom hasn't been made playable on, but Sam Chiet figured out a way to get the game working on Notepad at a stunning 60fps! Chiet shared a video of the accomplishment on Twitter, where he revealed that he has "not modified the code of notepad.exe at all," and that "this is fully playable interactive live, zero fakery." Chiet has also revealed that he'll be releasing this version of Doom at some point over the next few days, so fans will soon be able to try it for themselves!

The Tweet from Chiet can be found embedded below.

Doom is available on just about every platform there is, so it goes without saying that this would not be the ideal way to play it! However, for those that have played Doom a countless number of times, this could prove to be a fun distraction; it's also really impressive how good the Notepad version looks! You can actually make out what's happening pretty well, despite the fact that everything in the game is displayed using characters, and the color has all been removed. Response to Chiet's Tweet above has been overwhelmingly positive, and some fans have even joked about trying to beat this version of the game on Nightmare mode.

While this might seem bizarre to those unfamiliar with the game's culture, it's hard to overstate the sheer number of platforms that developers have now gotten Doom to run on. The game's source code was made available to the public all the way back in 1997, which has led to experiments such as this one. Two years ago, one fan even got the game playing on a pregnancy test, though the original screen and CPU were replaced. Chiet's accomplishment is slightly more impressive given that he made it happen within the confines of the actual code! 

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[H/T: PC Gamer]