Fan Makes Doom Playable on a Pregnancy Test

Since its release back in 1993, Doom has appeared on a plethora of platforms, but one fan has [...]

Since its release back in 1993, Doom has appeared on a plethora of platforms, but one fan has taken things a bit farther by making the game playable on a pregnancy test. Twitter user Foone Turing has shared a video of their accomplishment, which can be seen in the Tweet below. Viewers will have to squint to see what's happening on the tiny screen, and the pixel display makes it hard to make out much, but it's a pretty impressive accomplishment, nonetheless! Turing is a collector of computer and electronic equipment and seems to have a strong passion for finding unique uses for it. It seems safe to say this qualifies!

It should be noted that the original screen and CPU from the pregnancy test have been replaced. Apparently, the CPU that appeared in the original pregnancy test cannot be reprogrammed, and the original screen was only capable of displaying four things. This doesn't make the accomplishment any less notable, but some Twitter and Reddit users have unfairly accused Turing of being misleading about the experiment.

Videos such as this one show just how creative the modding community can be. While there isn't a practical usage for this kind of thing, it does show a lot of ingenuity! Apparently, Turing has been experimenting with a number of different pregnancy tests, and the different screen sizes that are available. In addition to getting Doom to run on a pregnancy test, Turing has also replicated the infamous dancing baby meme that was an internet sensation in the late nineties. That video can be found in the Tweet below.

Those interested in supporting more of Turing's experimentation can find their Patreon right here or their Ko-fi account right here.

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