Dr Disrespect Challenges Former NFL Star Pat McAfee to Football Competition

Popular YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect has now found himself in a beef with former NFL punter Pat [...]

Popular YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect has now found himself in a beef with former NFL punter Pat McAfee. During a recent stream on his channel, Dr Disrespect claimed that he could throw a football a further distance with his arm than McAfee could kick with his leg. While the comment was made off-hand by the Doc, the challenge eventually made it to McAfee's ears, who has now responded.

In a recent edition of The Pat McAfee Show, the titular host was informed of Dr Disrespect's challenge and replied to it on air. McAfee, although he is a former punter in the NFL--and an extremely good one, at that--didn't deny that his leg is likely a bit weaker now than it was when he played for the Indianapolis Colts. "He might be right," McAfee said of Disrespect's claim. "I have no idea how far I could punt a ball right now. I kicked a couple of field goals a couple of weeks ago. They probably would have been good from 55-ish [yards]. But I couldn't walk the next day and I had to act as if I felt good."

While the segment on McAfee's show was pretty lighthearted, the current WWE commentator went on to also say that he and many others than he works with like Dr Disrespect a fair amount. In fact, co-host AJ Hawk went as far to express that he thinks Dr Disrespect could get the best of McAfee if the two happened to go at it in a football competition down the road.

It remains to be seen if this challenge between the two will go any further, but it would surely be enjoyable to see transpire for no other reason than to see these major personalities clash with one another. Given how quickly each has risen in their respective industries over the past few years, seeing them come together for some fort of event would surely be a lot of fun.

So what do you think about this whole situation? Would you like to see Dr Disrespect get out from in front of his computer monitor and go put his skills to the test in football? Share your thoughts with me either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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