Dr Disrespect Reveals New Details on His Mysterious Twitch Ban

Back in June 2020, Dr Disrespect was banned from Twitch with no explanation and no warning. At the time of the ban, Dr Disrespect was one of the biggest Twitch streamers in the world and just earlier in the year Twitch paid a lot of money to lock him down. To this day, we still don't know why Dr Disrespect was banned, but this August he revealed that he's suing the Amazon-owned platform over the banning. 

"I can't talk about it, but a lot of people ask me, 'do you know the reason?' Yeah, I do know the reason why now," said the streamer back in August. "I've known for months now the reason why and I'll just say this right now champs, 'there's a reason why we're suing the f**k out of them.' I don't know how else to put it. The amount of damages and you just don't - nah, no, no."

What will come of this lawsuit, remains to be seen, but there's a good chance it will reveal why the streamer was banned. Until then, Dr Disrespect has revealed more details on how much the banning has negatively impacted him and his streaming career. For example, the streamer claims EA, one of his biggest partners before the ban, won't work with him anymore because of the Twitch ban and the mystery around it.

"Champs, I am on a shadowban list from EA. There, I'll say it, I've been shadowbanned from EA," said the steamer during a recent stream. "I'm on a list. Since the purple snake scummy ban, we've taken a hit on so many things behind the scenes champs. We've taken a hit on so many things, and not just the original [Twitch] contract."

According to the Two-Time, networking and collaborating with partners for marketing and promotion has been a nightmare since the Twitch ban. For those that don't know: these marketing and promotional deals are where Twitch streamers often make their most money.

"So much defamation related to the ban that we've had to deal with. It's insane," said the Doc. "To not be involved with the Battlefield launch... First off, it's been a year and a half. EA... don't be pathetic. You're talking about the two-time, the back to back.... I'm looking at trophies right over my left shoulder. Don't be so pathetic and scared to death, holy s**t. It's embarrassing."

As noted, if Dr Disrespect is indeed suing Twitch, there's a chance all of the laundry is about to get aired. When and if that happens, we will update you on everything you need to know.