Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Release Date Report Has More Bad News for BioWare Fans

BioWare fans are starting to get very worried about Dragon Age: Dreadwolf as it's reportedly been delayed again.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf was originally scheduled to release this fall -- more specifically, in September -- but the game then had to be internally delayed to early 2024. Now, BioWare and EA have given the game a new internal release window, however, this window may not end up holding either. All of this information comes the way of Giant Bomb's Jeff Grubb, a reputable and reliable industry insider. 

Building upon this information, Grubb mentions that the new Dragon Age game is currently slated to release sometime in the summer of 2024. However, Grubb also warns the game could be pushed back even further. Grubb does not mention development issues, but it's clear since the game went alpha in fall of 2022, it's had some issues because it should have been out by now or close to release, at least. 

"They moved the internal expectations to March 2024 a while ago. March 2024, pretty soon right? Well guess what, it's not coming out then either," said Grubb. "They have pushed it back again. It's not coming out until summer of 2024, at the earliest at this point.... if it moves again don't be surprised. I think it's very likely it moves back even further. I expect this game to probably launch by the end of next year."

Grubb concludes by noting there may be incentive for EA to push the game to early 2025 to get a pop right before the end of the fiscal year. However, this only comes into play if the game gets pushed back deep into 2024, and it's also unlikely. While it makes some sense, every day the game isn't out EA loses money on it. In other words once it's ready to go, it will go. 

As noted, Grubb makes no mention of development issues but surely something is amiss. The game has been in alpha since last year. It should be out soon. Clearly something has gone wrong, and for what it's worth, BioWare did just fire 50 people. And if the game's development is anything like previous BioWare games -- and this latest round of layoffs points to this as well -- it's had serious management issues.