Former Dragon Age Writer David Gaider Departs From Beamdog

David Gaider, most infamous for his outstanding writing on BioWare's Dragon Age franchise, [...]

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(Photo: Lee Guille/Beamdog)

David Gaider, most infamous for his outstanding writing on BioWare's Dragon Age franchise, including the novels, left the company to join Beamdog back in 2016. Looks like nothing can stop Gaider, because he has officially left the company with "mixed feelings" regarding his departure.

Though he was the lead writer for Dragon Age, he was also a part of the design crew for other BioWare RPGs such as Baldur's Gate 2, Knights of the Old Republic, and Neverwinter Nights. When Gaider joined Beamdog to work on a new Baldur's Gate chapter titled Siege of Dragonspear, he wasn't exactly give the credit he deserved on that project, neither for his work on Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition. Gaider took to his Twitter earlier to announce his departure, and Beamdog themselves responded with a farewell message that gives fans hope that they will still see his work behind the scenes there.

The president of Beamdog responded to his post before the company released their own letter:

Equipped with a stellar portrait for Mr.Gaider, this is what Beamdog had to say:

Today, Beamdog bids farewell to our Creative Director, David Gaider.

Dave came to Beamdog during interesting times. Since then, he has been teacher, mentor, and friend to many on the team. We've seen Dave conjure new worlds we'd love to play in, and spin stories in places already close to our hearts. Someday we will share the fruits of his labour!

Most lasting, Dave has built a creative team that will shape the stories Beamdog tells in the years to come. He has freely shared his incredible wealth of storytelling and narrative design experience with the developers, designers, and artists around him. We've all learned a lot from Dave and we hope he picked up a trick or two from us as well.

As fans of Dragon Age, KoTOR, Baldur's Gate, and many of the other incredible worlds Dave has helped create, we're excited to find out what's next (come on, give us a clue Dave!) be it a new game, novel, or whatever else it is you choose to create.

We'll certainly miss your lunchtime stories. Best of luck Dave!

As a huge fan of his work since the very beginning, we hope Gaider finds happiness and success in all of his future endeavors!