Dragon Ball FighterZ Announcements Planned for Weekend Stream

Bandai Namco is gearing up for another set of Dragon Ball FighterZ announcements with a stream set [...]

Bandai Namco is gearing up for another set of Dragon Ball FighterZ announcements with a stream set to take place this weekend. The next installment of the Dragon Ball FighterZ Show will take place on August 16th when we see plans laid out for the future of Dragon Ball FighterZ throughout the rest of 2020. We don't yet know what all that will entail, but we know we'll learn more about esports competitions, updates planned for the game, and best of all, it's very likely we'll see the first trailer for a new DLC fighter who'll join FighterZ Pass 3 soon.

The next Dragon Ball FighterZ event will take place on August 16th at 11 a.m. PDT where we see the 2020 roadmap laid out. Bandai Namco touched on some of the things we'll see there while closing out its teaser with promise of "an exclusive trailer" and a coy emoji hinting at what that might be. It wasn't explicitly said, but a DLC character trailer seems to be the most likely outcome.

Of the fighters that'll make up FighterZ Pass 3, we only know of two of them so far. Those two are Kefla and Ultra Instinct Goku and were released in that order with Goku's most powerful form joining the game on May 22nd. Kefla arrived in February, so with three months between them and around three months between Ultra Instinct Goku and now, it seems like the right time to hear more DLC plans.

Regardless of who's revealed next, we'll still have two more fighters after them to round out the five DLC characters planned for the first pass. Dragon Ball FighterZ now encompasses everything from the classic Dragon Ball days to Dragon Ball Super, so if there's a character out there who's not in the game, there's a chance they could be added in the pass.

Even if the reveal doesn't satisfy everyone, players can still look forward to hearing more about the plans for the rest of 2020. Dragon Ball FighterZ updates occasionally add new features and sweeping changes for the majority of the game's roster when they're released, so we can expect those throughout the rest of the year regardless of which DLC characters are to be announced.