Dragon Ball FighterZ Arcade Mode Receives New Details

Bandai Namco recently released new details on the Arcade Mode in Dragon Ball FighterZ that allows [...]

Bandai Namco recently released new details on the Arcade Mode in Dragon Ball FighterZ that allows players to rank up against enemies while unlocking content.

In a press release from Bandai Namco, the Arcade Mode was described as an area where players can test their fighting skills against the AI combatants in what appears to be themed challenges. One of the examples provided that's shown in the screenshot below shows a challenge where players must fight an enemy team called the "Sharp-tongued Saiyans," a group that consists of Teen Gohan, Vegeta, and Gotenks, each of them in their powered-up Saiyan forms. Judging from this group, you can expect to see similar groupings of the iconic Dragon Ball fighters in teams of three.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Arcade Mode

When competing against the teams in the game's Arcade Mode, three courses are available. By progressing through all three of the courses, you'll unlock a Hard Mode that'll let you take on an even tougher version of the fights. You'll earn Zeni points after every battle, points that you can then use to purchase unlockables for your fighters. The details from Bandai Namco mentioned alternative colors for all the playable characters as well as different items from the in-game shop as some of the options that can be purchased. It wasn't confirmed whether you'll be able to purchase more of these unlockables or buy more Zeni points with real money through microtransactions, but at least we know you can earn your own points by fighting in the Arcade Mode to buy the items that seem to be mostly cosmetic so far.

If you're surprised to see Gotenks mentioned within the challenge example provided, you might've missed the fused Saiyan's recent reveal. Gotenks, along with Kid Buu and Adult Gohan, were all recently confirmed alongside a new trailer showing off Gotenks' signature moves such as his Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack and Galactic Donut. The three fighters are just the latest to join the growing roster of fighters with many more characters expected to be revealed before Dragon Ball FighterZ releases for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on Jan. 26.