Dragon Ball FighterZ Player Gets Violent After Losing Match in Viral Video

Competitive fighting games can bring out the worst in people, especially when they lose a close matchup. That said, it usually just ends in a few choice words and a thrown controller or two. The key word, of course, is usually. At the Dragon Ball FighterZ portion of CEO 2023, things got a little out of hand during the bracket stage. A player lost a match, spiked his headset, and then seemed to walk away, but after a few seconds, he decided to come back and start swinging at the person filming the whole thing.

The footage comes courtesy of Kali_Mac on Twitter, who found the footage that was captured by steamer WhatDanielDo at CEO 2023. The clip is taken from the open bracket stages, which means anyone could enter and try their hand against the best players in the Dragon Ball FighterZ scene. The player who loses throws both his controller and headset before storming off, and you would expect the clip to essentially end there. However, as mentioned above, the losing player comes back to the table and takes a swing at the cameraman before finally leaving. You can see it for yourself in the clip below, though do keep in mind that there is some strong language.

CEO staff have confirmed that the player was then asked to leave the venue and they then reminded players to "keep the fighting in the games please." WhatDanielDo, the original cameraman, has since said that the player "swung twice, tossed his bag and chair" at him before he was pulled back by other people in the area. The whole situation seems to have ended there without any further violence, though that doesn't make what happened any less unfortunate.

The good news is that CEO's Alex Jebailey and his team were able to seemingly handle it very quickly, getting the player out of the venue and ensuring that everyone was safe. Obviously, with stress at a high during events like this, there's always the risk someone will boil over, but it usually doesn't lead to anyone throwing punches. Hopefully, this is a short blip for the event (and the player) and everyone still at the venue can enjoy the rest of the tournament.