Dragon Ball Z Cosplay Unleashes FighterZ Favorite Android 21

Dragon Ball FighterZ is perhaps regarded as one of the best video games in the Shonen franchise [...]

Dragon Ball FighterZ is perhaps regarded as one of the best video games in the Shonen franchise that is known for its hard-hitting action, with the entry giving fans a popular new character in the form of Android 21, with one fan creating Cosplay for the creation of Dr. Gero that gave herself a Majin Buu like appearance. Though this fan-favorite character has yet to appear in the anime proper in either Dragon Ball Super or Super Dragon Ball Heroes, we bet that it is only a matter of time before this one-time villain makes her grand appearance.

Android 21 has an intricate past, having been created as the former wife to Dr. Gero, with Android 16 actually being modeled after their son as explained in the video games. Though she made her presence mostly known in the aforementioned fighting game, she would then appear in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, the role-playing game that took players through the history of Dragon Ball Z as Goku and several of his friends, though her future in the franchise is anyone's guess at this point. 21 might have started as a villain, but much like Piccolo, she was split into a good and evil version of herself, with the antagonist side being eventually destroyed thanks to the combined power of the Z Fighters.

Instagram Cosplayer Zeironn shared this impressive Cosplay that shows off the more diabolical form of Android 21, who began absorbing both heroes and villains by transforming them into deserts to consume as Majin Buu had once done during his reign of terror in the final arc of Dragon Ball Z:

Android 21's plan for world domination was an interesting one, wherein she resurrected a number of villains such as Freeza, Cell, the Ginyu Force, and more to absorb their abilities and power for herself. Considering the fan reception to her arrival, we definitely foresee her appearing somewhere in the Dragon Ball lore in the future, especially if FighterZ ever gets a sequel installment.

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