Dragon Ball FighterZ Update Promises Changes for OP Character

Dragon Ball FighterZ has another balance update on the way with Bandai Namco specifically mentioning one character as one who'll be updated: Android 21 (Lab Coat). This variant of the original Android character released for Dragon Ball FighterZ is the most recent DLC character to be released and has put the game in quite the state since her arrival with many calling out for nerfs for a while now. It appears they'll finally get their requests fulfilled in this next update, but Bandai Namco didn't specify what changes, exactly, the developers would be making regarding Android 21 (Lab Coat) and the other fighters.

The announcement of the incoming Dragon Ball FighterZ update was shared through the Bandai Namco Esports Twitter account as well as other socials related to the game. Bandai Namco reiterated that this DLC was released back in February 2022 which shows how long the character's presence has been felt in matches where she reigned in the 3v3 matches with one spot often reserved for her on a player's team.

Given that Bandai Namco didn't specify what changes were planned for Android 21's Lab Coat variant, it's impossible to say for sure what'll happen to her, but people have at least an idea of what'll be targeted. The fighter's got a command grab move which buffs her own damage by a considerable amount if it lands while also nerfing her opponent's damage. That's naturally a move that feels pretty bad to be hit with, so it'll most likely be changed when the update drops.

When that update is coming remains to be seen just like the specifics about the changes, however. Bandai Namco said it would reveal the timing of the next update at a later date. That announcement was shared just a few days ago, so hopefully by now players won't have to wait much longer on the update that'll presumably fix this OP character's moveset.

Dragon Ball FighterZ isn't the only Dragon Ball game that's still being supported with updates and new releases like this next one. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 recently held a community vote for players to select the next DLC character to be added, too.