Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Releases Launch Trailer for New Trunks DLC

The next DLC for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is launching this weekend with players soon able to take [...]

The next DLC for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is launching this weekend with players soon able to take on threats from an alternate reality in the Dragon Ball Z timeline. Dubbed "Trunks – The Warrior of Hope" by the game's creators, this DLC features a struggle from Gohan and Trunks against the Androids where Goku and other Z Warriors have already been killed. It'll be the final DLC releasing for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, and it's scheduled to launch on June 11th.

We've seen some previews of the new DLC before to show off gameplay, but this launch trailer found below gives one of the best overviews of the new content yet. Goku's dead in this timeline, so expect to see plenty of Trunks and Gohan throughout the DLC as the trailer suggests.

Ryosuke Hara, the lead producer of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, also provided some last-minute details on the content to prep players for the latest and final DLC. Hara said this DLC will consist of "just about the same" amount of content as the other arcs players played through in the game's main storyline.

"In this new DLC, users will be experiencing a new arc based on the story of an extra chapter/episode of the manga/anime," Hara said. "This arc sets focus on an alternative future, where Gohan and Trunks fight the Androids to restore peace to a desperate world without Goku or any of the other Z Warriors. Regarding gameplay volume, you can expect just about the same length/content as the other arcs playable in the Main Story (Saiyan Arc, Frieza Arc, etc.)."

While most fights in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot are pretty straightforward and simply task players with reducing their enemies' healthbars to zero, this one will have some different styles of fights for players to take on. Red Ribbon Army drones litter Orange City and other areas and alert Androids 17 and 18 of the player's presence if they're spotted, but the Androids can't be beaten head-on. Instead, players have to clear "specific conditions in battle" to escape.

Regardless of if players are familiar with the anime and manga storylines or not, there will be "surprises and new discoveries" for everyone to look forward to. You'll also get main quest abilities from completing the DLC to give players an incentive to play through those arcs more if they haven't already finished them.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot's Trunks – The Warrior of Hope DLC launches on June 11th as part of the game's season pass.