New Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Trailer Breaks Down Soul Emblem System

The release of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is now just over a week away with Bandai Namco showing off more about the game this week. Thursday's trailer that's seen below is all about Soul Emblems and how they're used with the Community Board to aid in character progression. These Soul Emblems have been seen at times in past Kakarot videos, and they'll be key parts of learning different skills and moves in the game.

Bandai Namco's latest trailer can be seen below with community specialist Dmitryi Khlynin providing an overview of how the mechanic works in Kakarot. By obtaining different Soul Emblems from various Dragon Ball Z characters, players are able to outfit their different Community Boards with the prizes to buff their characters in different ways.

"By setting these Soul Emblems up on a Community Board, you can activate skills that will help you on your adventure," the video below explained. "The Soul Emblems have two different parameters: Friendship and proficiency. Using gifts will help increase both parameters and provide a variety of different benefits as well."

In order to unlock some of these Community Boards, players will need to acquire certain characters' Soul Emblems. Two examples that were given were Goku's Soul Emblem unlocking the Z Warrior Community Board while Chi-Chi's Soul Emblem unlocks the Cooking Community Board. Some of the stats that can be buffed in either of these boards included increased success rates for cooking meals and eating them as well as more basic stats like melee and Ki attack power.

It won't be only the heroes that players will be getting these Soul Emblems from either. In one of Bandai Namco's previous reveals, the publisher explained that players would be able to revive some of Goku's oldest enemies for a chance to fight them again and obtain their Soul Emblems. It hasn't been revealed what each one of the characters Soul Emblems will do yet, but obtaining them from these revived villains will also lead to "an exclusive short scenario."


This progression mechanic is wrapped into the larger systems at play that include eating food and battling to level up your characters. More information about those will likely be shared prior to the game's launch on January 17th.