Dreadful Meadows Launches on Kickstarter

If you're looking for a board game with some delightful Halloween flavor, Arkus Games' new Kickstarter project Dreadful Meadows might be the perfect match. Dreadful Meadows has players in the role of confectioners who are trying to assemble a powerful collection of candy by managing and upgrading candy patches, and the characters embrace the fun and charm of the spooky season. The Dreadful Meadows: Deluxe Edition can be purchased at the $50 tier (NZ 85), while the $71 tier (NZ 120) will get you the Deluxe Edition and the Tricks for Treats Expansion. The game has already well surpassed its initial goal of $13,434 with over $67,000, and you can check out the full Kickstarter campaign right here.

In Dreadful Meadows you are attempting to become the season's most successful confectioner and to do that you will expand your confectioner's meadow by purchasing candy patches at the market, and you'll then place sugar sprites in the meadow to grow new candy. You'll purchase harvesters to help things along and to assemble powerful combinations, and then you'll retrieve your sugar sprites and add conception cards to the mix as well. You can find the official description below.

(Photo: Arkus)

"The aim of Dreadful Meadows is to become this season's most successful confectioner by having the most Victory Points (VP). Players gain VP by developing their Meadow with Sugar Sprites and Harvesters, growing delicious Candy crops, and fulfilling their Concoction Cards."

Key Features:

Quick turns and simple actions, yet a deep and strategic level of gameplay.
Players place and retrieve their Sugar Sprites (workers) to grow crops and trigger powerful bonuses.
Each player purchases and places Patch Tiles to grow their own, unique Meadow.
Variable player powers and a variety of different Patch Tiles and Concoction Cards provide a lot of replayability.
Beautiful, inviting artwork draws you into the wider world of Dreadful Meadows.

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