These 'Dungeons & Dragons' Trick Arrows Let You Take Out Foes Like Green Arrow

Tired of shooting the same arrows at enemies in Dungeons & Dragons? Try crafting some trick arrows [...]

Tired of shooting the same arrows at enemies in Dungeons & Dragons? Try crafting some trick arrows to spice things up!

Archer superheroes like Hawkeye and Green Arrow have a wide variety of trick arrows in their arsenal to provide them with more punch and versatility in battle. Sure, shooting a guy in the eye with an arrow is effective, but it's even more fun to knock them out with a boxing glove arrow or hinder their getaway with a net arrow.

While archers are a popular build in Dungeons & Dragons, the game doesn't have a ton of official "trick arrows." Outside of the Arrow of Slaying or Fire Arrows, there's not much for an archery-based PC to do besides pelt waves of foes with arrows over and over.

"Libedrator Earl" has a handy supplement containing 55 different types of trick arrows to use in Dungeons & Dragons. The supplement is divided into three sections, one for arrows with mechanical effects, one for arrows with an alchemical effect, and one for magic arrows. Each arrow comes with a set price, a brief explanation as to its effects, and a handy illustration to help players picture what the arrow would look like in their hands.

The technological arrows mostly give players some sort of mechanical advantage in battle. The corkscrew arrow can be used underwater, while a needle arrow is more effective against enemies with natural armor (but less effective against enemies with metal armor.) Other arrows replace an arrow's standard piercing damage with a different type, or give enemies an extra condition when the arrow hits.

The alchemical arrows include acid arrows or flame arrows that add a small amount of secondary damage when they strike, along with glue arrows and smoke arrows that have other practical effects. This section contains the arrows that feel most in line with Green Arrow or Hawkeye's trick arrows.

The final section contains magic arrows with various magical effects. The magic arrows range from predictable additions like ice arrows or lightning arrows, along with more exotic arrows like an arrow that will continue to track its target until it hits it, or an arrow the splits into three and then attacks three different targets when fired. There's even a few goofy arrows like an arrow inspired by Yondu's arrow from Guardians of the Galaxy or an arrow that causes fright and will turn into a chicken if sat upon.

55 Trick Arrows serves as great inspiration for any ranger or fighter that feels a bit limited in their combat options. The supplement struggles at times explaining the rules around some of its arrows, but most of these can easily be worked into a campaign after discussion with a friendly DM. There's only a couple of arrows that feel overpowered, but nothing that's worse than the official Arrow of Slaying - which can do up to 60 extra damage to a specific type of foe.

55 Trick Arrows is available on DMs Guild for $2.99.