Dungeons & Dragons Gets a My Little Pony Crossover

My Little Pony and Dungeons & Dragons are getting an official crossover. Earlier today, a UK [...]

My Little Pony and Dungeons & Dragons are getting an official crossover. Earlier today, a UK toyseller posted pictures of an upcoming Dungeons & Dragons-themed set of My Little Pony toys. The "Cutie Marks & Dragons" Crossover Collection will contain five ponies, each of which are modelled after a different classic Dungeons & Dragons character class. The package features Pony versions of a Rogue, Barbarian, Druid, Bard, and either a Cleric or a Wizard. A blink bunny also makes a cameo appearance as the Druid pony's familiar. Also included in the box set is a specialized D20 and a Dungeon Master's screen showing the five ponies standing in front of a pony. The new set is part of a series of Crossover Collections that combine My Little Pony with other Hasbro brands like Power Rangers, Ghostbusters, and Transformers. Notably, these Crossover Collections feature a retro version of the My Little Pony toys, which makes sense, as both D&D and My Little Pony exploded in popularity in the early 1980s.

Surprisingly, this isn't the first time we've seen a Dungeons & Dragons/My Little Pony crossover. The two brands had an official crossover back in 2016 for Friendship Day with a special t-shirt depicting the cast of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoon as D&D characters. In 2017, the two brands teamed up for a special pair of dice. Ninja Division also released an official My Little Pony RPG back in 2017 that actually received a fair amount of praise from RPG fans.

No other details are currently available, but we can probably expect to get some news in the coming weeks. We'll be interested to see if Dungeons & Dragons supports these new toys with some sort of official adventure, or maybe even a playable pony race.

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