Old Spice Creates New Playable Class for 'Dungeons and Dragons'

Old Spice (yes, that Old Spice) has entered the tabletop RPG world.Old Spice is best known for its [...]

Old Spice (yes, that Old Spice) has entered the tabletop RPG world.

Old Spice is best known for its line of male grooming products like deodorant and cologne, but it appears that someone on their marketing team has a geeky side as well. Earlier this week, Old Spice announced via their Twitter that they had created a new playable class for Dungeons and Dragons....yes, THAT Dungeons and Dragons. The tweet included a link to a four page PDF that contained a surprisingly detailed set of rules for a new Gentlemen/Gentle-Lady class built around extreme over-the-top confidence in one's own abilities.

The Gentlemen class is basically a bard on steroids, with a few overpowered abilities mixed in. Not only does a Gentlemen get an increase in their Base Attack Bonus every level, something that's usually reserved for martial classes only, they also get to add their Charisma and Dexterity modifier to their Armor Class whenever they wear a fancy suit.

A Gentlemen's default abilities are the catchphrase and punchline - abilities that can either inspire allies or damage their opponents. As a Gentlemen levels up, they also gain abilities like turning into an intelligent dog, spontaneously summon a horse, or heal allies with their pleasing scent...which comes from a Gentlemen using Old Spice products, of course. Eventually, a Gentlemen also earns an MBA and has the opportunity to marry and can instantly level up his party by getting a new haircut. If a Gentlemen reaches Level 20, he becomes a being of pure energy and can make anything explode...but at the cost of ascending to a higher plane of existence.

Obviously, the Gentlemen class wasn't play-tested for balance issues and is likely to drive a Dungeon Master insane. Several of the Gentlemen's abilities involve either subverting the DM or undercutting his decisions, so it's unlikely no sane DM would ever allow this to actually be allowed in the game. We should also note that the new Gentlemen class is compatible with the "3.5" edition of D&D and not the current 5th edition. Still, we're very impressed that Old Spice actually tried to use tabletop gaming to market deodorant...which is an insane change from how D&D was seen a few years ago.