'Dungeons & Dragons' Publication Wants to Add Domestic Magic to a Player's Skills

A new Kickstarter campaign is raising funds for a new publication that will add new crafting [...]

A new Kickstarter campaign is raising funds for a new publication that will add new crafting mechanics and trade classes to Dungeons & Dragons.

Dungeons & Dragons has the limitless potential to build a variety of interesting characters, ranging from the hardened adventurer to an artisan still improving their craft. But while Dungeons & Dragons does have a system in place for crafting items, it often comes down to a single ability check that doesn't take into account the purpose, experience, or the many other factors that goes into lovingly crafting a homemade object.

However, Astrolago Press has designed a new set of rules that fleshes out crafting in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. The publisher is currently raising funds for Witch+Craft, a new publication that introduces a more fleshed out crafting mechanic complete with boons and flaws and new trade classes that complement crafting and are meant to be added in conjunction with levels in traditional D&D character classes.

"This content, and the crafting system we've designed, took inspiration from Studio Ghibli films like Kiki's Delivery Service, where the acts of painting, baking, and inventing have a power as beautiful and unique as Kiki's witchcraft," Astrolago Press explains in their Kickstarter. "While many crafting systems are based around concepts like "stress" or "endurance", we wanted a crafting system that encouraged rest, self care, inspiration, motivation, and collaboration."

The rules for crafting in Witch+Craft are quite simple. A DM assigns a level to difficulty to a particular craft project, which then determines the DC that a player will ultimately need to beat. Instead of a traditional D20 roll, a crafting check involves a D6. Depending on the level of preparation that goes into crafting (which can involve research, searching for high-quality materials, bringing in an NPC to assist you, or sacrificing something of personal value to craft the project), a player can add D6s to their pool of dice that they roll when they ultimately make a check.

The result of the D6 roll does more than simply determine whether or not a crafting check is successful. Each 1 or 6 rolled introduces either a boon or a flaw. Both the boons and flaws become greater with the more 1s or 6s roll, but a flaw's severity can be cancelled out by spending a boon when determining its traits.

The trade classes are specialized classes that act independently of normal class levels. For instance, if a player wants to be an artist, they don't have to sacrifice a level of their fighter class to do so. Players level up their trade class when their proficiency bonus goes up, and their base pool of D6s increases as their trade class levels up. Players also gain tool proficiencies and crafting techniques as they level up, which helps with their crafting goals.

Witch+Craft has already met its $31,000 Kickstarter goal with 25 days remaining in its campaign. You can check out the Kickstarter here and check out free playtestable rules here.


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