Dungeons & Dragons: DMsGuild Announces Partnership With Roll20

Two of the largest marketplaces for Dungeons & Dragons online content have announced a new partnership. The virtual tabletop system Roll20 and OneBookShelf's DMsGuild marketplace have announced a new partnership that will allow DMsGuild creators to include Roll20 content with their adventures. DMsGuild creators can include custom-made Roll20 maps and modules with their adventures, which will then unlock on Roll20 when purchased. The system will allow DMsGuild customers to instantly access maps and handouts on their accounts without any further set-up work. 

The DMsGuild was created by OneBookShelf in 2016 in partnership with Wizards of the Coast to allow content creators to sell Dungeons & Dragons adventures and supplements using official D&D IP. DMsGuild creators can publish adventures set in the Forgotten Realms or Eberron and use iconic characters and monsters like mind flayers and beholders in exchange for 50% of their sales going to OneBookShelf and Wizards of the Coast. A number of tabletop RPG designers launched their early work on the DMsGuild, with many eventually working for Wizards of the Coast and other major publishers as freelancers or full-time designers.

The new partnership provides DMsGuild creators with a new market of customers to potentially serve. Roll20 has over 8 million users, and the new partnership should give DMsGuild creators a better chance to sell products crafted with Roll20 users in mind. From Roll20's end, the partnership puts them on an even playing field with Fantasy Grounds, another virtual tabletop service that previously allowed DMsGuild creators to sell Fantasy Grounds compatible work through the site. DMsGuild creators will also see no loss in profit from the partnership – OneBookShelf confirmed that the profit split between creators and OneBookShelf will remain unchanged.

More information about the project will be announced in the coming weeks. Expect many DMsGuild creators to announce that they are converting their existing DMsGuild material for Roll20 in the coming weeks. More information about the partnership can be found here.