Dungeons & Dragons Is Publishing Another Magic: The Gathering Crossover Book for Strixhaven

Dungeons & Dragons will release another Magic: The Gathering-themed campaign setting book later [...]

Dungeons & Dragons will release another Magic: The Gathering-themed campaign setting book later this year, this time providing additional detail to the world of Strixhaven. Wizards of the Coast is set to release Strixhaven: Cirriculum of Chaos, a new D&D release set in the Magic: The Gathering world of Strixhaven. The book will be announced as part of D&D's "Week of Legend Lore," a week-long marketing event that promises new reveals and announcements every day this week. Few details were provided to ComicBook.com, save for the book's standard cover by Magali Villeneuve. An alternate cover for the book will also be released, illustrated by Hydro74. You can check out the full standard cover below:

strixhaven cover
(Photo: Wizards of the Coast)

Strixhaven is a magic school located on the plane of Arcavios. The school has five different colleges, each of which specializes in a different kind of magic. The initial storyline for the college centered on the Oriq, a group of breakaway mages who target Strixhaven uring their quest for power.

The Amazon listing for Strixhaven: Cirriculum of Chaos (which was posted prior to the book's official announcement) confirmed that the book would contain "new character options, monsters, mechanics, story hooks, and more." More information about Strixhaven: Cirriculum of Chaos, as well as the just announced The Wild Beyond the Witchlight adventure, will be released at D&D Live on July 16th and July 17th.

While Dungeons & Dragons typically does not announce a book five months in advance, the timing of the announcement coincides with an upcoming Unearthed Arcana playtest titled "Mages of Strixhaven," which likely would have spoiled D&D's plans. That Unearthed Arcana will be released at some point tomorrow, June 8th.

This is the third Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting book for a Magic: The Gathering world, following the releases of Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica and Mythic Odysseys of Theros. While both those books coincided with either an upcoming or recently released Magic: The Gathering set, both Ravnica and Theros were very established in the Magic: The Gathering mythos. Strixhaven, by comparison, is very new and has had only one release. This means that Strixhaven: Cirriculum of Chaos will likely play a larger role than the Theros and Ravnica books in establishing the lore of Strixhaven for Magic: The Gathering players.

Strixhaven: Cirriculum of Chaos will be released on November 21st. Pre-orders for the book are currently available on Amazon. More details about Strixhaven: Cirriculum of Chaos will be revealed at D&D Live on July 16th and 17th.

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