Dungeons & Dragons Comes to Minecraft

Minecraft is getting a Dungeons & Dragons DLC pack. Today, Wizards of the Coast announced that Minecraft would release a Dungeons & Dragons-themed DLC pack in Spring 2023. The new DLC introduces a story-themed adventure where players create a D&D character using one of four character classes (Paladin, Barbarian, Wizard, or Rogue) with unique stats and are then transported into the Forgotten Realms, where they complete a full-length adventure that takes players to locations like Icewind Dale and Candlekeep. Classic D&D monsters like the beholder, displacer beast, and gelatinous cube will all appear in the new DLC pack as well. Wizards of the Coast noted that the adventure would take about 10 hours to complete and would also feature a soundtrack created specifically for the DLC pack. The Dungeons & Dragons-themed DLC would also feature RPG elements and even require dice rolls at times. 

Additionally, Dungeons & Dragons will get its own crossover of sorts with a new Monstrous Compendium release on D&D Beyond, which will feature monsters from Minecraft. The pack will include classic monsters like the Creeper and Ender Dragon, and will feature some unique mechanics created just for the monsters. The Monstrous Compendium will be available for free to anyone who has a D&D Beyond account and will also be available on Minecraft's website. 

The Minecraft crossover is perhaps one of the biggest cross-brand collaborations that Dungeons & Dragons has had outside of Hasbro and could help introduce a brand new generation of players to the Forgotten Realms. While Stranger Things has certainly helped raise D&D's mainstream appeal, we haven't seen a direct introduction to the world of D&D quite like this. 

The D&D Minecraft DLC pack will be released in Spring 2023. Expect more details about the DLC to be announced closer to its release.