Classic Dungeons & Dragons Rulebook Covers Come to Life as Action Figures

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Several classic Dungeons & Dragons rulebook covers are coming back to life thanks to a new line of action figures by Super7. This week, Super7 announced a line of ReAction action figures based on the cover art of several classic Dungeons & Dragons rulebooks. The first wave of figures will include an Efreeti (from the original Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master's Guide), a Githyanki (from the original Fiend Folio), and the Sorceress (from the cover art of the original Basic "Pink" Box Set.) All three figures stand approximately 3.75 inches high and come with a single accessory. You can pre-order the figures here at Entertainment Earth for $20 each with free US shipping on orders $59+. They are expected to arrive in July. You can check out all three figures down below: 

The artwork associated with the action figures are among the best-known D&D artwork of all time and helped give the game an iconic look early on. David Sutherland III, the creator of the Dungeon Master's Guide cover art, also drew the maps for the original Ravenloft module, and also did the cover art for the first-ever D&D boxed set. Erol Otus created the Basic Box Set art and also contributed numerous pieces of artwork for the Dieties & Demigods before moving into the video game industry. Emmanuel's art on the Fiend Folio is one of the best-known pieces of D&D artwork, and while Emmanuel didn't contribute any additional D&D rulebook covers, he still is well-known for his contributions to White Dwarf and Fighting Fantasy magazine.

The new action figures continue a trend of celebrating the classic Dungeons & Dragons books through the release of various accessories or figures. The Githyanki and Efreeti have both been turned into statues by WizKids, while countless pieces of merch has been made of the idol seen on the cover of the Player's Handbook.