Eureka Co-Creator Working on Live-Action Dungeons & Dragons TV Series

Andrew Cosby, the co-founder of Boom! Studios and the co-creator of the Eureka television series, [...]

Andrew Cosby, the co-founder of Boom! Studios and the co-creator of the Eureka television series, is now working on a live-action Dungeons & Dragon TV show. Cosby made the announcement during a San Diego Comic-Con digital panel that took place earlier today. "I've designed the series to basically be a campaign," Cosby said. "I got to sit down as an adult professional and design a Dungeons & Dragons campaign that I'm being paid to do that will ultimately have hundreds of people working on it."

It's unclear whether this is a separate Dungeons & Dragons show to the one being developed by Derek Kolstad. Hasbro noted earlier this year that they had multiple D&D live-action projects in development, including the currently in-production movie starring Chris Pine, Hugh Grant, and Michelle Rodriguez.

Cosby did not specify his role on the D&D project, but he spoke highly of his time working on the show, noting that the people at eOne, the entertainment arm of Hasbro, really understood the game. "There's an amazing team at eOne that Hasbro has put in charge of the film and the television show," Cosby said. "The people I've been working with get Dungeons & Dragons at a level that is difficult to believe. It feels like being at a D&D table. It's a bunch of creative people sitting in a room and saying, 'What if we did this? What if we did that?'"

The wider Dungeons & Dragons brand has exploded in recent years, thanks to a combination of the release of its easy-to-follow Fifth Edition ruleset and more mainstream awareness. As shows like Critical Role and The Adventure Zone have found homes on various streaming platforms, Hasbro has also made a big push to capitalize on both the game and the wider brand. While Dungeons & Dragons is a rules system for a game, many also associate the game with one of several fantasy worlds which have also been the setting of numerous novels, video games, and other media. will provide additional updates about all the live-action Dungeons & Dragons projects currently in development as they become available.