Dying Light 2 Clarifies How Long It Takes to Complete

Dying Light 2 made headlines over the weekend, in case you missed it, after announcing that it would take 500 hours to fully complete. That is... a very, very long time. Developer and publisher Techland has now come out to clarify, however, that this number is specifically based on finding every single collectible, listening to every dialogue, hitting every Easter egg, and so on. The actual length of the game, according to a new announcement, is much shorter.

More specifically, Techland has stated that "a focused playthrough" of the title's main story should take roughly 20 hours. Completing all side content and such can end up taking around 80 hours or more. 500 hours is simply what it would take to do literally every possible thing in the video game, and Techland claims that many players of the original Dying Light "went on to invest hundreds of hours in the game" despite completing its main story and side content in around roughly 30 hours.

It's easy to see why the "500 hours" number made headlines, of course. That's roughly 21 full days of playing a single video game. And it speaks to the increasing length of video games as game companies attempt to keep players invested over time in order to continue selling expansions, DLC, and the like. Techland itself is set to reveal a post-launch content roadmap prior to launch, which means the goal is roughly the same here.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is set to release for PlayStation 5PlayStation 4Xbox Series X, Xbox Series SXbox One, and PC on February 4th. This is after several delays, though it seems there will be no further delays barring a last-minute one. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the upcoming video game from developer and publisher Techland right here.

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