Several New Dynasty Warriors 9 Trailers Reveal More Characters, And Tons More To Do In-Game

Quite a few new Dynasty Warriors 9 trailers have been released by Koei Tecmo to reveal what [...]

Quite a few new Dynasty Warriors 9 trailers have been released by Koei Tecmo to reveal what players can do besides exploring their expansive open world for the first time in franchise history! From fishing, to gardening, to just downright exploring - there is a lot do in the biggest game in Dynasty Warriors series.

From collecting and collecting:


To hunting and gathering:


To setting up traps to obtain food and tools:


You can even learn more about how the stables will work, how to take on powerful enemies, and fast travel right here on the official Koei Tecmo website. In addition to the game's activities for players to immerse themselves in, they have also revealed five new character reveal videos to learn more about how some returning favourites will be in the next installment. This puts us at 65 out of 90 gameplay footage reveals!

Dynasty Warriors 9 will be launching in Japan on February 8th for the PlayStation 4, with a western release slated for February 13th. With the western release also removes the exclusivity as the title will open up for Xbox One and PC as well!

"In Dynasty Warriors 9, roaming off the beaten path opens up greater experiences outside of the main story line - allowing powerful enemies to appear and challenge players with their advanced abilities and skills. These formidable opponents come in the form of humans; such as bandits, or beasts; such as wolves, which will provide additional valuable items or materials as a reward upon defeat. It may be tempting to take on these foes to gain the plethora of takings, but the situation should be carefully assessed – as fleeing from battle may be the safer option."

Interested? Don't forget to pre-order to get these sweet bonuses:

"Those purchasing the standard version of the game are given access to 3 Avatars - Lu Bu, Zhou Tai and Wang Yuanji, a bonus weapon - the "Black Dragon Fang", and the previously announced seven costumes for fan-favorite characters. The seven costumes are inspired by traditional Chinese undergarment styles and include an imposing Beijing Opera-style costume for Zhao Yun and six individualized costumes for Guan Yinping, Diaochan, Sun Shangxiang, Lu Lingqi, Wang Yi, and Wang Yuanji. On the other hand, those who purchase the digital deluxe version are offered all of the previously mentioned items from the standard version plus the season pass, which will grant access to all future DLC for the title, and three original Dynasty Warriors weapons: The Amethyst Iron Blade, The Crimson Ring Blade and The Jade Splendid Swords."