EA Has a Franchise Coming With Gameplay Unlike Any Other Game

EA said in a recent interview that they have a new franchise coming within the next few years that [...]

Electronic Arts

EA said in a recent interview that they have a new franchise coming within the next few years that contains gameplay they say is unlike anything players have ever seen before.

Speaking to Gamesindustry.biz, EA CFO Blake Jorgen discussed several different topics such as subscription services and the company's long-term future, but they also briefly spoke about an upcoming, unannounced project that their Montreal team is working on. The franchise won't make it to retailers for a few more years, but EA is teasing it as something worth waiting for.

"We have a team in Montreal that is building a brand new action franchise, probably for our Fiscal [Year] 2021 that also looks fantastic and very exciting," Jorgen told Gamesindustry.biz. "A new game, with a lot of new interesting gameplay that I don't think anyone's ever seen before."

The action game that's coming will be the first project from Jade Raymond will work on since taking up the mantle of EA Motive. According to Jorgen, the Montreal game should provide EA with a presence in the action genre that they're looking to gain.

"Action is clearly the place we're missing the most, and the reason we're building Anthem and the new title that Jade Raymond's team at Motive is building in Montreal," Jorgen said. "That's the largest sector in gaming. It's one we haven't spent a lot of time in because we were so focused on sports and first-person shooters. We feel like there's a huge opportunity there."

Those who have been following the EA chronicles this year will recall that they've had a busy couple of months by merging studios and putting out new games at the same time. The Star Wars game that was being created by Visceral Games was receiving assistance from EA Motive as well, but now that it's now being headed up by a different studio, it's unclear whether EA Motive still has a hand in the game. With the Star Wars game already on everybody's radar though, the new franchise that EA is teasing will likely be something completely new, if we're lucky. It won't be out for some time though, but you can bet it'll be teased further before then.