Elden Ring is Rumored to Be Finished With Initial Development and is Very Similar to Dark Souls

Elden Ring is the game that almost everyone wants to hear more about but no one knows what’s [...]

Elden Ring is the game that almost everyone wants to hear more about but no one knows what's going on with it. After first appearing last year at E3 2019, developer FromSoftware and publisher Bandai Namco haven't said much of anything about the new action title. Fortunately, if a new rumor proves to be true, it sounds like we could be learning more very soon.

According to a recent conversation between an Italian streamer (WesaTwitch) and one Federico Fossetti, Elden Ring's initial development has already been finished for the most part. Fossetti, who is a journalist for an Italian gaming publication, says that FromSoftware is currently in the polishing stage of production with Elden Ring and that based on the company's original timeline, the game should have already been released. However, due to what has transpired over the course of 2020 in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, internal launch dates ended up changing.

The rumor goes on to state that the nature of Elden Ring is quite similar to that of the Dark Souls series. While all FromSoftware titles share a bit of the same DNA, though, this rumor suggests that Elden Ring is incredibly similar to Dark Souls. While Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice might have been somewhat of a departure for the iconic studio compared to its previous games, Elden Ring will instead seemingly be returning much more closely to the formula that made FromSoftware so beloved.

Obviously, considering the nature of this rumor, take everything that is being stated with a grain of salt. That being said, what is being expressed actually lines up a bit with some other rumors we've heard in recent months. Earlier in December, another rumor stated that Elden Ring is actually on track to launch within the first half of 2021. While this obviously hasn't been confirmed, it does seem to be in line with what Fossetti is suggesting.

Assuming that these rumors end up being true, this means we should start to hear and see a whole lot more of Elden Ring in the coming weeks and months. For now, all we know for certain though is that the game is set to launch at an undetermined date for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. If there are any major developments with Elden Ring in the future, though, we'll let you know here on ComicBook.com.

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