Elden Ring Release Window, Concept Art Reportedly Leaked

They say that where there is smoke there is fire, and there sure has been a lot of smoke coming [...]

They say that where there is smoke there is fire, and there sure has been a lot of smoke coming from Elden Ring lately. Numerous rumors related to FromSoftware's upcoming action title have been coming about in recent weeks, and now, another such leak has once again pointed to a potential release window for the game.

A new report from a Chinese content creator that focuses on FromSoftware's Soulslike titles has asserted that Elden Ring is slated to launch in 2021. Much like some previous rumors that we have heard, this report states that Elden Ring is currently in the polishing phase of its development, meaning that the major legwork on the project has now been wrapped. The game is also said to once again be quite similar to Dark Souls, which lines up with what we've also heard from other sources.

Perhaps the most notable piece of new content from this report, however, centers around two new pieces of concept art for Elden Ring. While it's not verified that these pieces of art are official, one of the characters that we see from the pictures that have been released resembles a figure that we saw in the initial reveal trailer for the game.

There are a handful of other unconfirmed pieces of info that have come about in this report, too. Once such nugget claims that the game is set in a world that is much larger compared to what we've seen from Dark Souls in the past. Additionally, it's said to be based in a Norse-like world that will potentially feature a day/night cycle and dynamic weather. Again, it's worse stressing though that all of these details might very well prove to not be accurate. The report itself that is the source of all of this has also been taken down since first going live.

While FromSoftware has yet to say anything new about Elden Ring, all signs are starting to point to a 2021 release window. Until we hear more, though, all we know for certain is that the game is slated to come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC when it releases. To keep up to date with our coverage of Elden Ring moving forward, you can continue to visit our coverage hub right here.

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