Elon Musk Says Nintendo Won't License 'Mario Kart' for Tesla

Elon Musk has had some interesting tweets this past year, more so in recent months. His 'hot [...]

Elon Musk has had some interesting tweets this past year, more so in recent months. His "hot takes" on gaming has even gotten his account temporarily banned in the past because Twitter thought he was hacked. Now he's back once more but not in a trolling sense, this time he answered a fan question about a possible Mario Kart x Tesla partnership.

"How about a version of Mario Kart where you can play against random people who are also charging their car at the moment," asked the above Twitter user. Apparently, the partnership was something Musk was hoping for but Nintendo is known for their tight keep on their licenses. It shouldn't be that surprising that they would turn down a deal like this, despite the potential money it could make.

Mario Kart continues to be a staple in gaming and a huge franchise for the Big N. With Go Kart race tracks taking on the game's familiar aesthetic, it makes sense that Musk would want to harness that Mario Kart love - especially since it seems he's an avid gamer.

Earlier this year he went on a pretty humorous gaming tweet spree, including getting our hopes up once more for Half-Life 3 - though he did put a firm "no" on Fallout: New Vegas.

But - there is a silver lining. We all know that Half-Life 3 is pretty much never going to happen, though that doesn't stop us from praying to the Valve guys every night. When one Twitter user said that he should just buy Valve and give us franchises like Half-Life, Left 4 Dead, and Portal, he responded with a simple "That's next."

As a huge fan of the Valve games, I can one hundred percent throw my support in with this lot. This is the sort of innovative thinking we need in the world and this is the sort of innovative thinking that brings global peace. Just saying.

The great thing is that this entire spoof Fortnite article that was a meme of the grandest kind has spurred some pretty hilarious community interactions and bids for pretty much world domination. If world domination gives us Half-Life 3, then - well, so be it:

So, what do you think about Musk's Twitter-pades? would you like to see a Mario Kart x Tesla partnership? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below, or hit me up on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy.