Epic Games Store Gives Out Award-Winning Adventure Game for Free

An award-winning adventure game that initially launched back in 2020 is now free to download for the next week on the Epic Games Store. For the most part, the weekly free offerings on the Epic Games Store over the past month have been pretty lackluster. While this ongoing promotion always has its ups and downs, most PC users have found the Epic Store's quality of free titles to have been quite weak in recent memory. Fortunately, the latest addition to the platform in March is a bit more notable than others we have seen in 2023. 

Starting today and available until next week on March 16th, Call of the Sea is the latest free game that Epic Games Store members can look to pick up. Published by Raw Fury, Call of the Sea is a first-person adventure game that puts players in the shoes of a woman named Norah who is attempting to find her lost husband on a mysterious island. While the game tells a compelling story, it also features a number of puzzles that players will have to solve over the course of its runtime. 

Although Call of the Sea might not have received widespread notoriety, it did achieve a number of various accolades following its 2020 launch. Call of the Sea was nominated for a BAFTA and was also a finalist in the Independent Games Festival in the category of visual art. It was also named the best Xbox exclusive of 2020 from IGN and won a TIGA Games Industry award in 2021. So even if Call of the Sea isn't a household name, this is one title that you might want to have on your radar, especially since it's now completely free to own. 

"Call of the Sea is an otherworldly tale of mystery and love set in the 1930s South Pacific. Explore a lush island paradise, solve puzzles, and unlock secrets in the hunt for your husband's missing expedition," says the game's official description. "It is 1934, in the far reaches of the South Pacific. Norah has crossed the ocean following the trail of her missing husband's expedition and finds herself on a lush island paradise – a nameless, forgotten place, dotted with the remnants of a lost civilization. What strange secrets does it hold, and what might Norah unearth in her quest for the truth?"