Everybody’s Golf Introducing Final Fantasy Downloadable Content Next Month

It seems Square Enix is collaborating with everyone when it comes to Final Fantasy. We just got [...]

Final Fantasy Chocobo

It seems Square Enix is collaborating with everyone when it comes to Final Fantasy. We just got through seeing a huge crossover event in Assassin's Creed Origins featuring the series to some extent, as well as Noctis making his way to Tekken 7 this spring. But this latest one could be the most interesting yet, as we'll soon be able to hit the golf links with some Final Fantasy goods.

Gematsu has reported that, via Weekly Famitsu, Everybody's Golf for the PlayStation 4 will soon see Final Fantasy content. That's not to say you'll be playing golf with Noctis or anything like that, but you will see special items that could provide a bit of boost to your game.

According to the publication, the downloadable content will be available in Japan starting on February 26. A release date for the U.S. hasn't been given just yet, but considering the strong Golf community here, it's probably just a matter of time before we get it.

There are three items being offered up through downloadable content, and each of them are pretty cool. First up, there's a Chocobo that you can ride around on like a golf cart, so you can stride up to the green like a boss. It'll set you back around $4.50.

In addition, you'll be able to score a Moogle costume free of charge simply by participating in the finals, along with a Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Collaboration Cup, which you can win over the course of the game. It features Cactuar outerwear, as well as a cap, that you can outfit your golfer with.

Finally, there will be a Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Design Cart available, though the details on how you can attain it have yet to be revealed. Besides, you'll probably be too busy riding around on a Chocobo anyway, right?

We'll let you know when Square Enix confirms these items for a release in the U.S., but, again, it shouldn't be too far off, since we're in the thick of Final Fantasy's 30th anniversary and all. Just give us the Chocobos already, will ya?

Everybody's Golf is available now on PlayStation 4.