Ex-Skyrim Devs Announce New Survival Game Among the Trolls

A group of industry veterans who worked on classics such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4 have announced a new survival game called Among the Trolls. There's no shortage of survival games out there at the moment thanks to titles like Rust, DayZ, Ark, The Long Dark, and many others, but the genre keeps growing. It was also recently confirmed that Conan Exiles developer Funcom is working on a new survival game set in the Dune universe, so it's rapidly expanding and will likely continue to as many developers find more and more success within it.

Another new survival game is on the way from Forbidden Studios, a team comprised of ex-Skyrim and Fallout 4 developers. The team announced its new game, Among the Trolls, today in partnership with 505 Games. Players can play as either Alex or Anna, characters who have traveled from the United States to Finland to visit their grandparents' isolated cabin. When the characters arrive, they discover their grandparents are missing and are "pulled into a world of Nordic mythology". Players will do all the normal things expected in a survival game such as build, find ways to survive in a forest, and more. The game will also feature magic, so it won't exactly be grounded in reality. The game is coming to Steam, but no release window has been given for the title at the moment.

With such a talented team backing it, particularly ones responsible for a game that featured a rather expansive settlement building system, this will be one to keep an eye out for. It's likely going to be a while before fans get their hands on it, but the talent was able to attract 505 Games as a publisher so there is a strong backing behind Among the Trolls. The first trailer doesn't offer too much in the way of gameplay, but certainly sets the tone and vibes that Forbidden Studios is going for.

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