Fall Guys Hackers Are Getting Banned

Fall Guys is a pretty relaxed game even if it has its tenser moments towards the final rounds, but like any game with even a remote sense of competitiveness, it’s already got hackers trying to work around the game’s systems to cheat to win. Speedhackers have infiltrated Fall Guys and are moving around at super speed through the game’s obstacle course races to reach the end long before others, but they’re apparently not the only problem based on videos players have shared so far. Regardless of what the hackers are using to cheat their way to a win, the Fall Guys team said it’s aware of the problems and have already been banning increasingly large numbers of players.

Players first began noticing cheaters in Fall Guys not too long after the game’s release and after it started getting pretty popular. Videos of players rocketing off from the starting line during the obstacle races or hovering above the platforms where you’d typically fall to an elimination started circulating online which prompted players to wonder why you’d even hack Fall Guys in the first place. Maybe those players got pushed off Slime Climb or had their tails stolen at the last second in Royal Fumble one too many times.

News of the hackers did not go unnoticed by Mediatonic. It was confirmed earlier in the week that the developers were aware of hackers affecting the game. They thanked players for reporting the offenders with the assumption being that the cheaters were being dealt with. A few days later, we got part two of the story when the game’s official Twitter account confirmed that the team had seen a “large drop in cheaters” after detecting more of them.


Cheaters aside, the players who decide to play fairly and don’t get banned can look forward to some new content coming soon. There’s an update planned for Fall Guys that’ll add another level and some additional fixes in the game’s first big post-launch update. It’ll also make one level in the game’s final rounds appear less often.