Fall Guys Gets Another Crossover Skin

Fall Guys continued its trend of adding crossover cosmetics this week with the introduction of yet another Portal skin for players to collect. The Legendary skin is called “Chell” and turns players’ jellybean avatars into the character of the same name from Portal and Portal 2. It features an Aperture Science uniform complete with a handheld portal gun, and if you’ve acquired enough crowns throughout the season, it can be added to your collection of cosmetics.

The Fall Guys Twitter account first teased the arrival of the new outfit by sharing some fanart someone had made where they asked about the possibility of more Portal skins coming to the game seeing how we already have the P-Body suit. One of the fan’s creations was of a Chell outfit that actually ended up looking a lot like the one we have in-game now.

Shortly after that tease, someone provided the Twitter account with an actual image of what the real Chell costume looks like in Fall Guys. You can see that below to show what you’ll look like once you’ve transformed your character into Chell.

Because the outfit is a legendary, it’s not going to come cheap. You’ll have to spend five Crowns on the upper part of the set and five Crowns on the lower piece, so hopefully you’ve got some Crowns you’ve been holding onto for just such an occasion.


Though Portal and Portal 2 are Valve properties which would normally mean the skins are only available on Steam, but thanks to one of Fall Guys’ updates received not long ago, those sorts of skins are available on the PlayStation 4 as well. Skins like these and other cosmetics and customizations in the game’s store never stick around for long though, so anyone who wants to be Chell will have to make sure they earn enough Crowns to get the skin before it’s gone.

Beyond this skin, we have a whole new season of Fall Guys cosmetics to look forward to when Season 2 drops in October. We’ll also see an imposing new feature called Big Yeetus added soon which sounds as fun as the name suggests.