Fall Guys Teases Big Changes in Season 3.5 Update

At this point, it is known that Fall Guys developer Mediatonic will launch a mid-season update for the popular title at some point in the future, but the exact specifics of what Season 3.5 -- which is subtitled "Stop With The Yeets, Name It Anything Else, Just Don't Include The Word Yeet Please I'm Begging You" because Falls Guys -- will include have not yet been revealed. Thanks to a new teaser from the developer, however, we now have a better idea than before.

In short, Season 3.5 will include a totally new level, over 40 variations on existing levels, a new DLC pack, and more. Additionally, the previously time-limited costumes for Godzilla, Sonic, and Untitled Goose Game will be added to the regular store as part of the mid-season update. Given the game's track record, it seems like this teaser is just the prelude to even more reveals in the near future -- including whatever "Fall Feed" turns out to be. You can check out the teaser itself below:

At this point, it is unclear exactly when Season 3.5 will actually launch, but it won't be today. Fall Guys itself is currently available on both PlayStation 4 and PC. It continues to be updated, and it is currently in the midst of Season 3. Developer Mediatonic has yet to officially announce a version of the video game for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, or mobile, but it would appear that it has been gauging demand. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the wildly popular title right here.


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