Fallout 76 Is Running Two Events at Once This Weekend

Fallout 76 routinely runs different events throughout the weekends to entice players to take part [...]

Fallout 76 routinely runs different events throughout the weekends to entice players to take part in different activities, but it's not often that the game has two events going at the same time. The obvious explanation for that not happening is that double events pull players in different directions, but this weekend, the game has two going on at once that work in tandem with one another so that players can make the most of a sale that's going on now.

The first big event happening in Fallout 76 is the Hunt for the Treasure Hunter event that's live now until June 1st. Through this event, players are tasked with hunting down the Treasure Hunter Mole Miners as they find them across the Appalachia environment. You can earn Mole Miner Pails from them through elimination that can be cracked open to potentially give players some valuable equipment, but if you prefer a more passive route, you can purchase empty pails and craft the "full" version yourself to collect the items.

"Keep your eyes and ears peeled for Treasure Hunter Mole Miners throughout Appalachia, and take them down to claim some of their loot for yourself by opening the Mole Miner Pails they drop," Bethesda said about the event one of the last times it was around. "If you'd like, you can also purchase Empty Mole Miner Pails from vendors using Caps, and then head to your Tinker's Workbench to craft full Mole Miner Pails that you can open to get some more loot. Keep in mind that higher-quality Pails offer better chances at rare rewards, and we will see you on the hunting grounds!"

The other event accompanying this one is a sale going on that's applied to the Purveyor's inventory. That means that if you've been saving up some Legendary Scrips, you can spend those now to purchase Legendary equipment for 25% off of the total price. It's an event which doesn't conflict with the Mole Miner one at all, and with a slim possibility to find Legendary Scrips through Mole Miner Pails in place, there's a chance the former event could benefit you when checking out the latter.

Both Fallout 76 events are live from now until June 1st.