Fallout 76's Season 4 Roadmap Gets Updated with Extra Events

Fallout 76’s Season 4 content kicked off in April with a community calendar shared beforehand to [...]

Fallout 76's Season 4 content kicked off in April with a community calendar shared beforehand to show all of the events that were planned for the next couple of months. Those event calendars are always subject to change, however, and change it has with the Season 4 schedule being updated slightly to reflect new plans for events. The good news for players though is that there will be extra events taking place and for longer durations even if some events had to get moved around in the schedule.

The updated community calendar was shared on social media in the image below and on Bethesda's site in Fallout 76's latest Inside the Vault post. Bethesda said one of the recent Hunt for the Treasure Hunter events didn't go as planned, so to make up for that, there'll be another run of the same event happening before May ends.

That event will take place on May 27th and will run until June 1st, but it won't be the only event taking place that weekend. Moving some things around on the schedule, Bethesda took the Purveyor Sale planned for mid-June and put it on the same weekend as the upcoming Treasure Hunter event. The Gold Rush weekend that was supposed to take place on May 27th has been bumped back to June 17th. Lastly, the Double XP Weekend that would've been going on right now had the calendar not been changed has been replaced by a Scrip Surplus event with Double XP returning on June 10th for an extended duration.

"During our most recent 'Hunt for the Treasure Hunter' event, Treasure Hunter Mole Miners were quite a bit more elusive than usual," Bethesda said. "To help make it right, we're going to run another Treasure Hunter event this month after we address an issue with enemy spawns in an update next week. We're also adding a Purveyor Sale that same weekend, extending both events by an extra day, and swapping out this weekend's Double XP with a Scrip Surplus, so that you can pocket more Legendary Scrip ahead of Purveyor Murmrgh's sale. Even though Double XP has moved back in the schedule, we're extending it by a few days as well, so that you can squeeze in some extra level-ups."

The calendar may change again in the future, but for now, the iteration above shows the events players can look forward to from now until the start of August.