Fallout 76 Releases Inventory Update, Patch Notes Revealed

Fallout 76’s long-awaited and highly anticipated inventory update has finally arrived with a bunch of changes for scavengers and hoarders to look forward to. The patch notes for the update shared this week alongside the patch’s release detail everything that’s changed including at 50% increase to Stash sizes and ways to make keeping track of your items easier.

Bethesda’s notes for the update will look pretty familiar to Fallout 76 players who’ve been keeping up with the previews for the update or those who’ve tried it on the test servers. They don’t differ much from what we’ve seen before with all the expected changes included along with some extra details on ones that were only touched on before.


Fallout 76 players can find all of those notes below, and the update should now be available to download across all platforms.

Inventory and User Interface Improvements

  • Stash Increase: Hold onto extra gear with a Stash increase! We've increased the amount of weight your Stash can hold by 50%, giving you 1,200 pounds to work with.
  • New Inventory Tabs: We’ve added a few new tabs to your inventory menus so that you can better organize your gear, from your snacks and Stimpaks, to your outfits and armor.
    • New – This tab will keep track of all the items you gather during a play session, sorted by newest to oldest.
    • If you already have a stackable item in your inventory, like Steel Scrap, then new Steel Scrap you pick up will not appear in the “New” tab. Instead, it will be added to your existing stack.
    • Additionally, the “New” tab will reset if you leave your current world.
    • Armor – We’ve split Armor into its own menu tab so that you can keep your defensive gear separate from your other Apparel.
    • Food/Drinks – Your food and drinks are now split out from “Aid” into their own “Food/Drinks” inventory tab.
    • Please note that your Chems and Serums will remain in “Aid.”
  • Stack Weight: What’s weighing you down? From now on, when you select a stacked item in your inventory, the Pip-Boy will show you the individual weight and the stack weight.
  • Vending Machine Map Previews: The tooltip that appears when you’re previewing another player’s Vending Machines on the Map will now show the number of 1-, 2-, and 3-star legendary weapons and armor they’re selling. This way, you’ll have more information about the legendary goodies players are selling before you choose to Fast Travel to their C.A.M.P.s.
  • Additionally, Vending Machine categories that are empty will no longer appear in the tooltip to help you more easily see what types of items players do have for sale.
  • Additional User Interface Updates
    • Atomic Shop: We’ve added a button to each category page in the Atomic Shop that will let you show or hide the items you already own, so that you can browse what’s still available with less clutter.
    • Build Mode Visual Improvement: We’ve changed the color of the outline that appears when you build objects in your C.A.M.P. from green to light blue, which should be more friendly for our builders who have colorblindness.
    • This change is only visible when the object you're trying to place is in a valid location, and invalid placement outlines are still red.

Daily Ops

  • Elder Tier Rewards: In response to community feedback, we’ve adjusted Daily Ops rewards so that you will always receive an item from the rare rewards pool whenever you complete an Op fast enough to reach Elder Tier.

Spread the Love: New Challenges and Rewards

  • Starting today, and lasting until February 16, you can claim a free “Heart Wrencher” Skin for the Pipe Wrench in the Atomic Shop, and then use it to complete Challenges that will unlock new cosmetic and consumable rewards!
    • Earn Lunchboxes, Perk Card Packs, and Repair Kits by defeating enemies with your Heart Wrencher every day during the Spread the Love event.
    • You can also claim outfits, and even a new variation of the Backwoods Bungalow, by completing Weekly Challenges with your Heart Wrencher equipped.