Fallout 76 Update Will Improve Building and Rewards Systems

Fallout 76’s big inventory update is one that’s been previewed several times and is scheduled to release on January 26th, but the inventory isn’t the only aspect of the game that’s changing. Bethesda said in its latest Inside the Vault blog that it’s also planning on improving both the building system and the high-tier Daily Ops rewards players can earn. Some first details were shared on those planned changes ahead of the patch’s release and the full set of patch notes.

The plans for the game’s building system include adjusted colors for the outlines on objects seen whenever players are placing things in their settlements. These should help players better identify when an object is being placed in a valid spot, Bethesda said, and should also help colorblind players.

“In addition to the improvements we’ve already shared, we’re also making an adjustment to the outlines that appear when building in your C.A.M.P., Shelters, or Workshops,” Bethesda said. “Going forward, whenever you find a valid spot to place an object, its outline will appear light-blue instead of green. This should help some of our players with colorblindness more easily differentiate between valid and invalid placement when they’re building their latest and greatest C.A.M.P. creations.”

As for the Daily Ops rewards, Bethesda said it’s heard the feedback on the prizes players earn within the higher tiers of the rewards system.


“Next, we’ve been reading lots of the feedback you’ve been posting about the frequency of upper-tier Daily Ops rewards,” Bethesda continued. “We want to make sure that your efforts are always rewarded when you complete a Daily Op fast enough to hit Elder Tier, and so we’re making a change to do just that. You will still only be able to achieve Elder Tier once per day, but you will now receive loot from the rare rewards pool every time you do.”

The changes in question are live in the public test servers and are planned to be available there until January 25th, Bethesda said, with the full update releasing on January 26th.