Fallout 76 Sets Release Date for Inventory Update

Fallout 76 has some welcome changes coming for the game’s inventory system that’ll allow players to stow away more belongings and better manage what their characters are carrying around. Those changes were explained in full when Bethesda released patch notes for the game’s latest test server update and allowed those on the test servers to try out the adjustments themselves, and now, we have a release date for the inventory changes. Bethesda announced this week that its inventory update will be available to all players starting on January 26th.

The update in question is one that players would be hard-pressed to find issue with since pretty much everything in it is a positive change for the community. It increases the size of players’ Stashes and makes navigating the Pip-Boy’s menus easier when you’re trying to look for certain items.

The full notes for the update that we know of so far can be seen below. The update is still on the test servers right now for players to try out, so there’s always the chance that something in the notes below could change between now and January 26th when the update is widely released.

Fallout 76 Inventory Update

  • Stash Increase – We’re currently planning to increase the Stash limit by 50%, to a maximum of 1,200 pounds. So, whether you stockpile weapons and armor, squirrel away lots of Junk, or hoard Perfectly Preserved Pies, you’ll have much more space to continue collecting.
  • Stack Weight – Speaking of weight, large stacks of items like food, chems, and ammo can get quite heavy! Going forward, when you select any stackable item in your inventory, its Item Details will show the total weight of that stack to make it easier to see what’s consuming your storage space.
  • Pip-Boy Updates – Finding the perfect item at just the right moment is about to get easier, because we’re adding three tabs to your Pip-Boy menu: “New,” “Armor,” and “Food/Drink.”
    • New – This tab will keep track of all the items you gather during a play session, sorted by newest to oldest.
    • Armor – We’ve split Armor into its own menu tab so that you can keep your gear separate from your other Apparel.
    • Food/Drinks – You wouldn’t want to chomp on some Funnel Cakes when you meant to use a Fury. Your food and drinks are going to get their own tab, while Chems and Serums will remain in “Aid.”
  • Vending Machine Map Previews – The tooltip that appears when you’re previewing another player’s Vending Machines on the Map will now show the number of 1-, 2-, and 3-star legendary weapons and armor they’re selling. Additionally, it will no longer display any empty categories.

Fallout 76’s inventory update releases on January 26th.